Our Story

Hello and thanks for visiting our website.  Our names are Ryan and Candice Simpson and we are the owners of The Pet Resort.  In the Spring of 2008 before being married, we went looking for a dog to add to our new family.  When taking a look at a group of puppies, destiny intervened and a small fawn boxer jumped into our arms, gave Candice a big wet lick on the face and as they say, the rest was history.  Walker became an extreme source of joy and happiness to us and was a steady source of love in our lives through graduate school, hard times and moves to six different states.  An unabashedly proud mommy's boy, Walker spent time in multiple daycare facilities along each leg of our travels.  To our knowledge he traveled to 12 states and logged tens of thousands of miles in the vehicle with us.  He made dozens of furry friends and human companions along his way through life.  Besides being with mom, his favorite activity was attending doggy daycare.  He would always prance in with joy, leave with a smile and quickly doze off to sleep before getting home.  No matter how the day went or what mood we were in, he was always ready for a snuggle.  It is safe to say his eleven years of life impacted us profoundly.  Sadly, we lost Walker in the summer of 2019 and were left with a large vacancy in our hearts.  We grew up in Glasgow, and decided to return in late 2019 when the opportunity presented itself.  After landing here again, we adopted two new fur babies, Josie and Meredith from the local animal shelter.  Because of our fondness of doggie daycares , we felt Glasgow needed an opportunity to experience what we had for many years.  We decided to take it upon ourselves to share our love of dogs and quality doggie daycares with our community by opening The Pet Resort.  In honor of the love and devotion Walker showed us through the years, we promise to provide a facility he would be proud to call his own.

"It all started with a big wet lick..."

Our Vision

It is our vision to give dog owners in Glasgow and the surrounding community a safe outlet for your dog's energy in a supervised, social environment.  We will strive to be a facility you can trust to care for your dog as if they were our own and one your pet will love coming to again and again.