All dogs who board with us also enjoy the daycare experience, meaning they are not kept alone in runs all day long.  Dogs are let out for last call from 9 to 10PM and let back out first thing in the morning at 7:00 AM.  We offer large VIP suites that have TV/music set to your pet's favorite channel for a relaxing experience.   In addition, we also offer standard overnight crating.  For an additional charge you can also view and speak to your pet remotely while away through a web camera.  Schedule your dog a bath, nail trim or grooming visit to treat them to an ultimate spa experience!  You can rest at ease while away knowing your pet is in our expert care and will be treated as if they were our own.

In our 6'X8' VIP suites your dog has access to the following amenities:

-elevated kennel bed topped with your personal bed if you wish

-Personal TV with access to popular channels and music

-Optional owner remote webcam access (additional fee)

-Safe dog friendly materials to prevent injuries and accidents

VIP Cabana Pricing:

-$45 for 24 hours of care of one dog (no webcam)

-$315 per week for 1 dog in Cabana (no webcam)

-$80 for 24 hours of care for 2 dogs in same Cabana (no webcam)

-$560 per week for 2 dogs in same cabana (no webcam)

-$3 per night additional charge for remote webcam access

Crate Boarding:

-Various sized crate kennels available

-$36 per 24 hours

-$252 per week

-$28 per 24 hours for additional dogs from same household

-$64 for 24 hours of care for 2 dogs from same household

-$448 per week for 2 dogs from same household

*all pricing does not include 6% Kentucky sales tax