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Private Day Boarding

We are happy to now offer a day boarding option for unaltered or Fido unfriendly dogs to stay with us while their owners are working, away or just looking for a safe options for their pets during the day.

Day Boarding consists of a private Suite/Room with access to an individual play yard just for them, our Kennel Attendants regularly check, interact, and care for your pets throughout the day, while also being provided with at least one private play session during their stay!

Day Boarding available Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Presidential Room with Private Yard

Our presidential room is 15'x19' of indoor space for your pet that has unlimited access to a large outdoor play area. Pets are directly across from our front desk to be monitored throughout their day and regularly visited not only by Kennel Attendants but also our front desk and grooming staff!

We can hold up to 4 pets from the same family in our Presidential Room and availability is extremely limited.

$50 for the first pet

$32 for each additional pet

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