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A day of play with us is a day full of fun for your pet. Not only do they get to make friends with many other dogs in a supervised and safe play area, but they also get to build bonds with our small group of experienced Kennel Attendants who spend all day watching, playing with and caring for your pet!

Our full day of daycare targets at least six hours of supervised play while your dog is with us. This time includes 2 "play periods" in which dogs are allowed access to our indoor and/or outdoor play areas with dogs of the same size and demeanor! In between these play times a "rest period" is given to provide your pet a private area to eat, nap and relax before playing again.

We offer a Free Half Day to assess pets demeanor and screen for any potential issues that may arise in a new environment!

Private Day Boarding options for pets that may not meet the all requirements for daycare, such as demeanor and/or altered status are also available on a limited basis.

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Daycare Pricing

Half Day

$16 first pet

$13 each additional pet

Full Day

$23 first pet

$15 each addition pet

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Private Day Boarding

Private room and run available to our unaltered or less social pets.

Additional Services & Package Pricing

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