Doggie Daycare

A focus of our business, doggie daycare provides many well documented benefits.  We target at least six hours of supervised play while your dog is with us for a full day.  A typical schedule is playtime from 8-11AM and 1-4PM with rest and lunch in between.  We do offer half days as well.  A free half day trial allows us to screen your dog for any potential social issues that may arise while here and proactively address them if needed.  After a day of play, your dog will leave exhausted and looking forward to their return!  You can trust that your dog will be well cared for by our trained staff in our clean, fully insured and video monitored facility.  In the event your pet has a vet need while in our care, we are working with a local vet to provide immediate care.

Benefits of Supervised Doggie Daycare
  • Outlet for excessive energy

  • Source of exercise to maintain overall health

  • Improves dog social behavior and fulfills socialization needs

  • Relieves anxiety and boredom driven behavior problems

  • Peace of mind for busy owners

Daycare Requirements

  • All dogs must be at least 6 months old and spayed or neutered (this is due to social and safety problems that arise with unaltered dogs)

  • All vaccines must be up to date and include the following:

    • Rabies

    • Distemper/Parvo

    • Intra-nasal kennel cough/Bordetella

    • Canine Flu


  • All breeds accepted with proper successful evaluation

  • Submission of required forms on our Paw Partner App

Stacks of Coins
  • Full Day-$23

    • Additional family dogs on same day-$15 each

  • Half Day-$16

    • Additional family dogs on same half day-$13

  • Pricing Plans:​

    • 10 day plan​-$223.10 (3% discount)

    • 20 day plan-$437.00 (5% discount)

    • 30 day plan-$621 (10% discount)

  • Additional charges:​

    • $3 for food per day if not owner provided​

    • $10 for 30 minute personal 1 on 1 play time session

    • $0.50 per minute late charge for late pickup after hours

    • charges for administered medications while in our care as well

*All prices do not include sales tax at 6%